Our Mission

NutriMed is an All Natural plant-based supplement distributor located in Golden, Colorado. Owned and operated by a diverse team of medical professionals with more than 75 years of experience, NutriMed has always focused on one goal - to help patients live their best lives. Our business model has never been about the money - The mission is about supporting people who suffer from pain, anxiety, inflammation, arthritis, neurological disorders, diabetes, and insomnia - regardless of their health insurance, financial, or economic status.

Nutrimed is more than a "business" or “job” to us - it’s personal. Our passion for NutriMed hemp derived oral, topical, and sublingual treatments come from our own substantial and personal success using these exact products.

NutriMed personally strives to create the highest quality products, for the lowest price possible. Everything we develop and every decision we make is with the patient in mind. Our owners are part of every aspect - from creating products in the lab to hand delivering our products to patients. Why? Because we want to ensure you get the highest quality plant-based remedy to relieve your pain and live the healthiest life you can.

We’re not just a supplement company; we’re a vertically integrated, locally owned and operated distribution and processing facility - and a family. Whether you buy NutriMed or not - we want to ensure you live pain-free! We provide more than just plant-centric treatments for patients, and we provide support and access to health-focused information to help you and your loved ones manage your pain and illness.

NutriMed does not import from just anywhere - it’s grown, formulated, and distributed right here in our Colorado facility with our team of experts, so you know what you’re getting and the source.